“But the fact that we chose the more difficult path of obedience when we actually do have an easy access to the wild life makes God even prouder of us.”

In times like this when it hurts, when you don’t understand why you have to put yourself through so much shit, so much hurt, so much disappointment, when you can just jolly well sit back and heck care, rmb that the end of this journey on this narrow path is one that is so fufiling and well-rewarded. And so sometimes……..you just got to keep hanging on.

Remember that Debbie.


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The fear of not delivering.

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It has been awhile

Slave hunters(2010) is (Y).
It has been a while since I cried like a dog.
New found fan of Jang Hyuk.

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I want to sing …

I want to sing for God.

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Armed with a milk tea, sitting by the beautiful room window, I’m determined to finish this reflection before the night ends.
Went on a week long trip to taiwan with my family. Well, technically half only.
I’ve already been here exactly 3 months ago, flew on the same date both times.
Of course aside from culture etc, their lifestyle is pretty much like Singapore.
And honestly, I don’t exactly find their goods, food, really cheap. It’s definitely cheaper and more affordable than the stuff you find in Sg, but really cheap? Not really what.
Taiwan, hahha a week is probably too long. I’m very sick of the place and can’t wish to depart now.(:
Yes, probably cos this time I only traveled around the main city of Tainan and Taiwan, didn’t do much sightseeing.
I learned a few things about myself this trip-that I’m more independent than I thought.
I led half of the trip I would say, of course depending on navigation boards etc.
It’s actually really easy to find your way in Taipei.
I mean being in a foreign land might increase your fears of getting lost etc, but after a day or two, you’ll be like ‘heck it, lose way then ask people loh.’
I traveled using the high speed rail, railway trains, cabs and buses in Taiwan.
The railway experience was horrible.

Anyway the main point of my entry is that I knew right from the beginning traveling with the people you see day in and day out is definitely going to led to lots of arguing, disputes etc. Its crazy man, just how often you find it so hard to love them.
Especially since they are your family and you know their flaws inside out.
But God really really helped me to learn to be more patient and loving towards them.
It’s trying to keep in step with the spirit despite how shitty you feel.
Also, I really really hate it when my mum spends most of her money on us, buying material goods etc for us.
She actually bought NOTHING for herself right until the last day, where I actually forced her to get a pair of sandals.
I guess that’s just the typical nature of mothers.
She worries, she nags, she scolds but at the end of the day she cares.
I just am very grateful to have came on this trip. Thank God for His protection.
And taoyuan airport is flooded, God please send us home safely.

(composed this on the last night in taiwan, only published it now.)


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This moment as my eyelids are so heavy, waiting for my turn to enter the bathroom, I am going to journal down the happenings of today do or die before I sleep, while my memory is still fresh.

I received the gift of salvation sometime close to 5 years back.

And on this date, 11th July 2012, I finally got water baptised.

To be extremely honest, I wasn’t really anticipating this time of the day when I was going to get water baptised to arrive, I just wanted to quickly get this “event” over, so I could go home and continue with my assignments.

How I occupied my time before water baptism at night was as such, I had school in the morning, went to town to shop for filming materials, back to school for an hour, and headed to axis for water baptism.

I was pretty tired from all that travelling and what made it worst was when we couldn’t find the exact lighting we needed for our scene, that made me so vexed.

But it was only until I sat down, literally, into the seats of the auditorium waiting for the ceremony to start did the HS speak and I was reminded again.

The reason why I chose to only be baptised now.

That this, is ultimately between me and God, this is a decision that only involves two of us. The other concerns I had previously were good, but not important.

The prayer time on stage was honestly, I don’t remember what happened exactly as my heart was beating so fast, the only sentence that stuck with me was along the lines of “would you follow Jesus until the end of time…”

I was very nervous, an unexplainable kind of nervousness, but it helped that the prayer leader is my leader and the leader baptising me was my ex leader. They really helped to ease my anxiety.

That moment being submerged was divine. I knew it.

I just really would like to thank my lg & various unit members whom came down to show their support and witnessed this ceremony. It meant so much that I was being baptised with the genuine blessings of my fellow brothers and sisters.

The fact that this was a midweek, everyone is tired, rushing assignments, did not deter them from not coming down and showing their support. Friends whom came down specially to support me, thankyou.(:

Thankyou Lg, thankyou Xiuwen, thankyou Jinlin, thankyou Joy, thankyou Brenda, and everyone eles.(:

Thankyou all for the cards and beautiful flowers. I really appreciate it.


I know its not the day or date that has any meaning after you get baptised, but its the days remaining, how do I choose to live my life. Now that I have publicly proclaimed my inner faith, will I strive to live more like Jesus daily? Will I live a victorious life as a new Kyla?

P.S: Its pronounced as “kee-la”

Most importantly, thankyou Lord.(:






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Flying off in 5…

Flying off in 5hours time.

Rushed&submitted two assignments, packed and flying later all in the span of less than 24 hours.

Without any sleep, whats new? Gonna crash in the plane.

Its gonna be a crazyyyy oneee weeek where my temper, patience etc would all be tested.



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